Upheld Complaints

Disciplinary decisions and articles

Since 16 July 2014, the Registration Authority has published disciplinary committees' decisions from complaints upheld under the Chartered Professional Engineers of New Zealand Act 2002. The cases listed here are against Chartered Professional Engineers for breaching Section 21 of the Chartered Professional Engineers of New Zealand Act

A disciplinary committee may order the Registration Authority to print articles summarising disciplinary cases for the education of other engineers. These are printed in Engineering New Zealand publications.

Complaint upheld for producer statement negligence

Disciplinary Committee decision regarding inadequate building design

Disciplinary Committee decision regarding a Chartered Professional Engineer removed from the Register

Disciplinary Committee decision regarding CTV designer

Cherry-Picking Safety Issues – a Disciplinary View

The Dangers of Social Networking

Engineer’s Negligence led to Snow Storm Collapse

Engineer Censured for Fire Safety Failings

Recreational safety in the spotlight